The Original Medicare Part A and Part B offer health care benefits:

Medicare Part A covers hospitalization costs and surgery, along with limited and short-term nursing home care, and skilled nursing facility care. It’s generally designed to involve required inpatient medical care, but it can also cover hospice and other home health-care services.

• Medicare Part B covers doctor visits, screenings, physical therapy, flu shots, mental health care, lab tests, and medical equipment like wheelchairs and other prescribed health care devices. Part B can also cover wellness exams, an ambulance ride, nutrition counseling, and mental health treatment.

Medicare plans cover Medicare approved medical expenses, but you may have discovered that it doesn’t cover everything. So, there are very real and practical reasons to consider supplemental insurance plans in Maine and New Hampshire.

Here are additional benefits private insurance can provide beyond Medicare Parts A and B:

• Alternative Therapy & Care Options. If you need holistic or alternative options for acupuncture, naturopathy, or other alternative or off-list therapies or treatments. (Medicare B may cover chiropractic care if prescribed for spinal manipulation.);

• Dental Care Solutions. Supplemental health care insurance will cover dentures and other dental care services only if it’s medically required (For example, you had an accident). Cleanings, dental plates, devices, fillings, or extractions most likely won’t be covered;

• Long-Term Care. Medicare does not cover custodial care at all. Medicare will cover skilled nursing care for up to 100 days. .

• Audiology Solutions. Medicare Parts A and B do not cover hearing aids or other care related to hearing loss and deafness. It’s not considered a critical health issue by Medicare, so you should consider additional forms of insurance to cover this need;

• Overseas Care. THIS IS IMPORTANT! If you’re traveling outside of the US and need medical care or treatment, Medicare Part A and B generally does not cover these costs. If this is a planned trip and you’re concerned about coverage, you can purchase supplemental insurance, or also look into options for travel insurance plans.

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