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Other Products

Blue Goose offers a range of products that cater to many different client needs. Whether you are planning for retirement, thinking about providing security for your family, or preparing for aging, today’s insurance options offer flexible solutions.

Browse some of our additional products here. Or, if you are looking for something specific, feel free to contact us directly. Chances are we have the perfect solution!

Long-Term Care

The thought of someday needing your kids to leave work early so you can get to the doctor’s office or the hair dresser seems like a scene out of a bad movie. But the reality is this happens all the time.

Nearly 70% of Baby Boomers will need some type of additional support because of a physical or cognitive illness after age 65. Unfortunately, this support without any sort of coverage is expensive.

When you’ve worked hard to build your assets over the years, cashing in on your home, your savings, and retirement accounts to pay for home health care or assisted living shouldn’t be an option.

Long-term care insurance has been gaining popularity because of its ability to protect your assets and help you live independently for as long as possible. Watch our animated tutorial below to get a better idea of how long-term care insurance works.

Watch our video below.


Disability insurance protects against the risk that a disability prevents a person from being able to work and earn their normal income. A disability may include illness or injury.

The Social Security Administration estimates that 1 of every 4 persons in their 20s will become disabled at some point during their working life. Yet according to the U.S. Department of Labor, two-thirds of private-sector workers are not covered by employer-sponsored disability insurance.

If you were to become ill or injured tomorrow, such that you were unable to perform your normal job duties for a period of 3 months or more, how would continue to afford your regular living expenses and/or provide for your family? If you don’t have a solid answer to this question, you are probably a good candidate to consider disability insurance.

Disability insurance is a practical and often affordable means to protect against this risk.

Linked Benefits

What are Linked Benefits? A linked benefits product is a base product such as life insurance or annuity coupled with a “rider.” A rider is an additional benefit allowing the original product to be customized to meet a secondary client need.

A classic example of a linked benefit product would be a life insurance policy with a long-term care rider. This structure benefits the client because it is typically more affordable to purchase the rider than purchasing two separate policies.

Some linked benefits come in the form of “convertibility.” With a traditional long-term care policy, the beneficiary must use it or lose it. However, if the product is convertible, than an unused long-term care benefit could be “converted” into a death benefit.

There is a wide range of product options and combinations available under the umbrella of Linked Benefits. A consultation with an insurance broker will determine what product is the right combination to suit a client’s individual needs.

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