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AARP Health Insurance and Medicare Advantage plan


• AARP Health Insurance : The American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP, is an organization that offers a variety of health insurance and other related services to its membership base. AARP itself does not offer the products it helps to promote, but rather uses trusted 3rd parties to offer insurance products. For example, UnitedHealthcare offers various Medicare products to AARP’s membership. Additionally, AARP is a non-governmental, non-profit advocacy organization for people over the age of 50 years. Since its establishment in 1958, they have been able to increase their constituency base to 40 million members.

AARP has two main health insurance demographics. One group is aged 50 – 64 years old, while the other is primarily Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 and above. The plans differ in terms of the premium, coverage, etc. as they cater to individuals with different needs. The product offerings range from individual health insurance to Medicare Part D prescription coverage and Medicare Advantage plans (Part C). Again, each of these products is not sold by AARP, but by trusted 3rd party companies like UnitedHealthcare for Medicare products.

• AARP Medicare Advantage Plans : AARP advertises a Medicare Advantage plan that is offered through UnitedHealthcare. One of AARP’s goals is to provide its membership with a range of Medicare plan choices. It’s critical that each Medicare beneficiary has an opportunity to choose a product that meets their individual needs. Medicare Advantage plans may or may not be the proper plan for an individual. It is highly advised by Blue Goose to work with a licensed and certified agent to help make this determination.

Martin’s Point Medicare Advantage Plan


• Martin’s Point Medicare Advantage Plans : “Generations Advantage” is a suite of Medicare Advantage Plans offered by Martin’s Point. These products can be thought of as a complete, all in one Medicare health plans. By joining such a plan you have the ability to integrate all four parts of Medicare into one health plan (Parts A, B, C, & D). This organization offers multiple plans, each offering various options for healthcare and prescription coverage. In short, these plans are an alternative to Medicare Supplement plans, yet still provide coverage for doctors, hospitals and prescriptions.

Medicare Advantage plans offer much lower premiums than supplements but have additional out of pocket expenses when a Medicare recipient visits their doctor. Key to joining any Medicare Advantage plan is having Medicare Parts A and B, and living in the plan’s service area.

Speak with a licensed Blue Goose agent to help you determine which Medicare Advantage plan is right for you!

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